Can You Turn Craft Beer into Craft Whiskey?

Yes, we are talking about craft spirits, and their most famous beverage which is Craft Beer! Craft Beer in London and elsewhere around the world is made by small independent breweries who focus on a high quality product rather than quantity, and hence produce only a limited number of bottles per year. It is considered to be a truly artisan spirit, made using hand-picked high-quality ingredients by people who love beer and have a passion for their product.

It is well and good for something new to come into the market and take its place among consumers, but what a lot of people are asking is what’s next for Craft Beer in London?

Well, would you believe us if we told you that the next thing in craft beer, is actually Craft Whiskey? This is what the American craft beer lovers have been experimenting on over the years and have been successful in producing some quality craft whiskeys from beer. These are:

Two Lanterns American Whiskey – Sam Adam’s Boston Lager is distilled three times and aged using old Bourbon barrels.
Charbay’s R5 Lot No. 4 – The whiskey form of Charbay’s Race 5 IPA.
Dead Guy Whiskey – The whiskey version of Dead Guy Ale, using the same three malts that go into it.

It is no surprise that people are trying to make something new like whiskey out of Craft Beer, because in a true sense, it can be said that the lifecycle of a whiskey starts as a beer. While the main ingredients for beer includes water, malted barley, hops and yeast, the main ingredients for whiskey are all of the above, sans the hops.

Distilling whiskey from already made-to-drink Craft Beer is a very costly affair, to manufacture as well as for those hoping to buy and consume it, and the fact is that it is still mostly in an experimental stage where the right time period for distilling the whiskey is yet being tested. In the rare cases that a few bottles of this unique craft whiskey have been produced and brought into the market, they have been bought up so fast by craft spirit connoisseurs that hardly anyone else has had a chance to get their hands on them. So, the potential out there for such a product is huge, even with the higher cost, once the distilling process has been perfected and more and more distillers start to produce these craft whiskeys.

Making whiskey, as you can see is pretty much the same with just a few extra steps in the process, and being made out of Craft Beer, the whiskeys still carry the distinct flavours and aromas associated with the beer, thus creating another unique and exquisite experience for craft spirit lovers. Isn’t that what craft spirits are all about anyway?

Since beer is already in a drinkable form, the most likely alcohol you can distil from it is whiskey, certain distillers have also tried their hand at creating different kinds of alcoholic beverages from it, such as Gin, from Belgian wheat beer. However, this did not work out too well as it did not retain the flavours of the beer, unlike when distilling whiskey.

There is no doubt that very soon lovers of Craft Beer in London will also be wanting to taste this new and unique drink called craft whiskey, created form their favourite beer. Distillers will no doubt very soon experiment and create a unique tasting whiskey for those craft spirit lovers who would like to sample something a little stronger than beer. When this will be or how expensive such a bottle of craft whiskey will be, we do not know, but what we do know is that the future of craft spirits seems to have some very exciting new innovations coming, and everyone will be looking forward to learning what the possibilities are. Whatever it is though, you can be sure that it will be flavourful and aromatic, and will be something that will become very popular very soon among the public.

If you want to try your hand at distilling some craft whiskey at home and are looking for the ideal Craft Beer for it, why not search for Craft Beer near me, on your smart device and get it delivered right to your door? There are many online stores that provide home deliver of your favourite Craft spirits, and very soon we think that these will include craft whiskey as well. Until then, enjoy your Craft Beer in London!

What Are Botanicals, and Why Are They Used in Craft Gin?

One of the predominant ingredients of all Gin is the Juniper Berry, which gives the beverage its unique piney flavour, but when it comes to Craft Gin the delightful flavours of the beverage are achieved by adding different botanicals to it. Botanicals are fruits, herbs, spices and even florals which distillers use to flavour their brands of this all-time favourite drink.

Some of the top botanicals used for distilling Craft Gin are:

Juniper Berry – As with all Gin, the juniper berry is used as the predominant ingredient and flavour in Craft Gin. Juniper berries give the beverage its distinct piney flavour, and if you don’t use it in your distilling process, then you are not making a Gin.
Coriander – Coriander seed oil contains Linalool which has a very district spicy flavour and floral aroma, is used in distilling to give Gin an exotic flavour, and is a favourite to be used by many distillers. Depending on the quality of the coriander seeds used, the flavour can vary from being spicy to fruity.
Angelica – A native to Europe, the Angelica root has similar flavours and aroma to Juniper and is often mistaken for it. However, in comparison to Juniper, angelica gives a far muskier, woody flavour and aroma. Together with Juniper berries and Coriander, Angelica is considered a staple for gin manufacturing.
Lemon – The lemon peel which is used by many distillers adds a very distinct lemony flavour and aroma to the beverage, and its intensity will depend greatly on the amount of lemon peel used.
Orange – Citrus fruits are quite popular among distillers since they offer very strong flavours and aromas to the drink. In the case of Oranges, most distillers prefer to use the rind of bitter oranges since they contain greater amounts of essential oil, although sweet oranges also have become popular in the last decade or so.
Orris Root – Orris Root offers a lot in term of aroma, giving out an almost violet like aroma, and does not offer much to the flavour. The use of Orris Root is very rare, since it is hard to find as Iris takes a long time for a substantial root to form, generally around five years, and to dry the root to required standards will take around another five years. Hence this arduous and time-consuming process has demotivated most distillers from using it.
Cardamom – The black seeds within the cardamom pods have an intense flavour and aroma, making your Gin pungent and creamy, with slight notes of pepper. Many distillers use cardamon for their contemporary style Gin and is certainly a flavourful experience.
Liquorice – Liquorice has been known to be used in this beverage since the 19th century for its strong yet sweet flavour. It is a very complicated botanical which offers hints of very complex aromas which have been known to be like ‘popcorn’, vanilla and so much more.
Cassia – Cassia although very similar to cinnamon, contains a much thicker bark and is used rather sparingly in the distilling process. It offers hints if cinnamon-like flavour and aromas and is a fiery flavoured ingredient.
Cinnamon – True cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka and is distinguished by tightly coiled, multiple layered rolls. Many people use Cassia instead of cinnamon, as it is referred to as this spice in markets, but there are distillers who understand the flavours that a true cinnamon can offer to their beverage, and hence is widely used.

While these are the more common botanicals used to create Craft Gin, these small distillers also use a variety of others to create the unique flavours and aromas of their signature Gins. These may include such botanicals as:

Almonds – Offering a sweet flavour.
Ginger – A very hot and spicy, very powerful flavour and aroma.
Nutmeg – Gives a hint of a nice warm spicy flavour.
Cubeb Berries – Spicy and peppery pine flavours and aromas.
Rose Petals – Adds hints of floral accents to the Gin.
Rosemary – Spicy flavours.
Chamomile – Sweet and wholesome florals.
Black Pepper – Hot and spicy flavours of pepper give a distinct taste.

While these are only some of the botanicals that are used in the creation of Craft Gin, distillers use a wide range of herbs, spices, fruits and florals to create their own distinct flavours and aromas that are captivating and engaging for the gin connoisseur, and are what makes for exquisite experiences and what has made these new extremely flavoursome beverages so popular.

Different Methods Used to Distil Gin

Over the recent past something new has taken over the world of gin, and that is Craft Gin. This new beverage which is slowly but surely taking over the world, is made by small independent distillers who have a real passion for their product and for the beverage in general. They use the highest quality ingredients and botanicals to create their truly handcrafted artisan product. These distillers are so passionate about their products that their main focus is on creating a high-quality drink for everyone to enjoy rather than on quantity and profits, hence only a very small quantity is produced each year using their innovative methods and techniques.

Gin has evolved a great deal over the centuries from being a medicinal concoction in the 13th century to something that gives immense pleasure. It is a very versatile drink that is a favourite among bartenders and drinkers alike, and is enjoyed in various different ways, from drinking it neat or on the rocks with ice, to the classic Gin & Tonic to cocktails.

There are many different and very innovative ways that these producers of Craft Gin use to distil their beverages, and each one is different to the other, contributing towards the uniqueness and the different flavours and aromas that they achieve. The different ingredients they use during the distilling process will also defer according to each distiller’s unique recipe.

In general, however, there are a few distilling methods that are used, with innovative twists given to each one by the different manufacturers. The general methods of distilling are:

Distilled or “One Shot” Method – This is a very traditional method of distilling and is a method favoured by Craft Gin manufacturers. This method involves distilling either fermented sugar water or a neutral spirit such as vodka, in combination with Juniper and other botanicals. The exact quantity of botanicals is added for the amount of liquid in the sill, where the essences are extracted by suspending them in a basket or other contraption, so that they get exposed to the steam. Before bottling, water is added to it in order to cut the spirit to the proper proof. It is a very hands-on method which requires more people working on it and more sills to produce even a small quantity of spirits. However, the copper sills used for this method ensure that unnecessary sulphur compounds and fatty acids are kept out of the distil, and the effort put into making the spirit is well worth it since this method produces a better flavoured and aromatic beverage.

Concentrate method – In this method a large quantity of botanicals is distilled with a small amount of liquid, creating a highly concentrated distillate. Neutral spirits and water are added to this after distillation. The advantage is that they do not require as much labour to carry out the process and can cut down on the number of sills used. The argument is that the concentrate can be stretched as far as the flavour of the botanicals exists in the spirit, gaining the advantage of economies of scale and low costs with greater output, however many Craft Gin distillers prefer the traditional One-Shot method due to the enhanced flavour and aroma of the distilled beverage.

Cold Compound Method – There is no dispute that this is the cheapest method for distilling spirits. In this method, artificial or natural botanicals or flavouring is added to a neutral spirit. The only condition is that Juniper should be present in it. Although this is a very low-cost method of distilling gin, it is not one that is used by those who want a high-quality product, such as Craft Gin distillers.

As you can see, although there are many ways of distilling Gin, craft spirits distillers use only traditional methods with perhaps a few innovative twists to it, in order to produce a beverage that is worthy of a true gin connoisseur and destined to be enjoyed by those with a passion and a love for the beverage. They do not compromise on the ingredients they use, ensuring that what you get in the best possible spirit they can manufacture. Three cheers to Craft Gin distillers!

Giving Fruit Baskets As Presents

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