Comprehending How Much Your Expert Witness Presentation Can Strengthen or Weaken the Actual Facts

The strength or weakness of both sides of the case depends not only on the facts in the matter, but on the expert’s ability to present analyses and opinions to the ‘triers of fact.’

The phrase ‘triers of fact’ refers to the people responsible for the final judgment of the case. This may be jurors, or it may be a judge alone in a trial that does not involve jurors. When a judge alone reviews all evidence in a trial and decides a verdict without any jury, it is called a ‘bench trial.’ The participants in the litigation may also have agreed on the use of an arbitrator or mediator who may have similar responsibilities to these more recognizable ‘triers of fact.’

Keep in mind that the deposition process may be presented to you as simply a discovery procedure. Attorneys have said to me in deposition that they are just “trying to discover the facts.” That statement is sometimes an attempt to cause you to drop your guard and to be more relaxed than you should be. Yes, they are trying to get the facts out, but that is not all they are trying to do. An unstated goal of the deposition day is to somehow get you to put statements on the record that may later be used to embarrass, discredit, or disqualify you.

A key goal of the opposing lawyer, through the intensity and thoroughness of his questioning, is to uncover any outright mistakes, notable weaknesses, or notable oversights that you may have made during the process of your investigations. In addition, the opposing attorney may ask you questions from different angles at different times during the deposition day. He is hoping that you will give answers that may be different enough that he can claim later at trial that they sound contradictory.

Many attorneys will use the deposition room as a battleground. If possible, they would like to destroy you as an expert witness then and there. A deposition is often the only opportunity you will have to testify in most of your litigation support jobs. The rules here are looser for the attorneys, and they can get away with more risky questioning of you than they would be allowed to do in a trial.

You must stay focused and stay alert in a deposition. Most of the time, your deposition testimony will be the only testimony you give in the case, and its strength and your preparedness can dramatically affect the results.

Creative Birthday Presents

Creative birthday presents can be great for your loved ones and friends. These kinds of presents would really tickle the recipients as they appreciate it. However, what ideas are best to produce these kinds of present? Read more of this article and learn.

Birthdays are considered to be the most special occasion in our lives since it marks the milestones of our age. During this time, we always mesmerized the past year that gone through in our life. And as we mesmerized all the events and memories that have happened, it’s quite sweet and overwhelming to receive creative birthday presents. Nowadays, there are so many options that we choose in giving birthday presents to someone. Despite the many options available both from online and local stores, we always want the best, unique and creative birthday presents that we can give. Because in this way, we make the person feel special on his or her special day

Giving personalized and creative birthday presents is a great idea if you want to make the recipient feel extra special. Aside from the personal touch, this idea is very practical as well. Some of the personalized birthday presents that you can give can be luxurious engraved and perfumed soaps, candy bars, wine or beer bottle with the name of the recipient printed on the label, a set of personalized wine mugs or glasses, jewelry, tote bags, ornaments, pottery and many more

Food hampers are also great as creative birthday presents. It can be filled with the favorite food flavors of the recipient. The fillers can be something chocolaty, spicy, savory and piquant. The hampers can also be designed in accordance to the age of the recipient. Aside from food flavors, the hampers can be filled with other kinds of goodies, tiny satin bows, tinsels and other related stuffs that will make it look merrier. If the recipient is your best friend or buddy, you can fill the hamper with some music CDs, scrap books, photographs, videos, favorite books and many more that will bring back your shared moments and memories together as friends. There’s no greater gift in this world like cherished and treasured friendship. On the hamper, you can label it as “love forever hamper”.

Handmade gifts are also great as creative birthday presents since it has that personal touch and labor on it. If you are someone who is very skillful when it comes to craft making then this is the best time to make someone happy with your beautiful and unique craft works. Handmade jewelries would best with the use of various beads and metal or plastic wires, you can create bracelets, brooch, earrings, and necklace from it.

Any versions of miniature of art works are also great for creative birthday presents. Samples of these works may include replicas of statues, monuments, and famous paintings.

Part 2 180 Degree Shift – Are ZEN Slides Killing Your Sales Presentations?


What do you think of these slides?

A slide with picture of sunset at a beach with various rocks strewn around and the words – ‘It is the right time to launch our new software’?…

  • …or another slide with waves breaking against the shore talking about how unemployment rates are decreasing in the country?
  • Won’t it feel beautiful?
  • Won’t such poetic pictures take you to you a whole new world?
  • Won’t you feel so absorbed by these images that you find it difficult to take your eyes off the slides?

That is exactly my point. Those are the very reasons why these ‘Zen’ slides will kill your marketing presentations.

What is the real issue?

When you project these slides to your customers, what kind of questions can you imagine popping up in their head? Here is my guess:

  • “Is that sunrise or sunset? Those rocks look like bar graph. Wow!”
  • “How are those rocks balancing so well? How are they connected to our software? Is he subtly hinting at modular development of software by using that image?”
  • “Hey! This reminds of my trip to Mauritius. I really loved that vacation. I haven’t called Sandy for a long time. Let me note that in my diary.”

As you can see, none of these questions are going to help them make a meaningful purchase decision. The amusement you see in your audience eyes is not because of the strength of your argument, but because of the beauty of those ‘Zen’ pictures.

Stop killing your chances of winning a deal, by using such pointless but beautiful pictures on your slides.

Instead, create slides that will make your audience ask questions like…

  • “What kind of new opportunities have emerged in the market, to support the product launch?”
  • “How will this software solve the issues which we currently face?”
  • “How does this software compare to the competition? Why should I choose this software over any other?”

These questions when answered will help your customers make a purchase decision.

I am not against using full bleed images in presentation slides. But, you need to be sure that the pictures add clarity to your message – in an obvious way. When your audience has to ‘think’ for two minutes about the second level meaning of the images you use – stop.

When you feel that the images will divert your audience’s attention – save them for your son’s school project.

Remember! In your marketing presentation, YOU are the hero. Your slides are your support. Don’t let your slides dominate YOU for any reason.

Happy selling!