Part 2 180 Degree Shift – Are ZEN Slides Killing Your Sales Presentations?


What do you think of these slides?

A slide with picture of sunset at a beach with various rocks strewn around and the words – ‘It is the right time to launch our new software’?…

  • …or another slide with waves breaking against the shore talking about how unemployment rates are decreasing in the country?
  • Won’t it feel beautiful?
  • Won’t such poetic pictures take you to you a whole new world?
  • Won’t you feel so absorbed by these images that you find it difficult to take your eyes off the slides?

That is exactly my point. Those are the very reasons why these ‘Zen’ slides will kill your marketing presentations.

What is the real issue?

When you project these slides to your customers, what kind of questions can you imagine popping up in their head? Here is my guess:

  • “Is that sunrise or sunset? Those rocks look like bar graph. Wow!”
  • “How are those rocks balancing so well? How are they connected to our software? Is he subtly hinting at modular development of software by using that image?”
  • “Hey! This reminds of my trip to Mauritius. I really loved that vacation. I haven’t called Sandy for a long time. Let me note that in my diary.”

As you can see, none of these questions are going to help them make a meaningful purchase decision. The amusement you see in your audience eyes is not because of the strength of your argument, but because of the beauty of those ‘Zen’ pictures.

Stop killing your chances of winning a deal, by using such pointless but beautiful pictures on your slides.

Instead, create slides that will make your audience ask questions like…

  • “What kind of new opportunities have emerged in the market, to support the product launch?”
  • “How will this software solve the issues which we currently face?”
  • “How does this software compare to the competition? Why should I choose this software over any other?”

These questions when answered will help your customers make a purchase decision.

I am not against using full bleed images in presentation slides. But, you need to be sure that the pictures add clarity to your message – in an obvious way. When your audience has to ‘think’ for two minutes about the second level meaning of the images you use – stop.

When you feel that the images will divert your audience’s attention – save them for your son’s school project.

Remember! In your marketing presentation, YOU are the hero. Your slides are your support. Don’t let your slides dominate YOU for any reason.

Happy selling!

Retailers – Make A Knockout Flash Presentation For Another Christmas Boom

At the end of every year, most retailers would like to bet their sales fortune on Christmas shopping season. Everyone knows that it always will be Christmas boom for online or offline retailing. Yet there’re a lot of great opportunities to make an effective promotion when holiday season comes. In order to attract prospective customers at the critical first impression, appealing presentations is important to presenting your products in the best light possible.

For both online or offline usages, Flash presentation could be an appropriate form. It can be embedded in Web pages, played on Digital Signage and sent as Christmas brochure within business e-mail. As Flash is the ultimate output, we should set up more engaging content to outstand the products.

General Points on Starting a Great Presentation

The objective of product presentation is different depending upon the target audience and the presentation should be adjusted accordingly. It is important to know your audience and why they are interested enough to view your presentation.

Therefore a proper preparation is vital definitely. Before you even start building your presentation, be sure you know the following information:

1. Objective action – At the end of your product presentation you want something to happen;

2. Target audience – Who are you giving the presentation to?

3. Orientation – How much does your audience know of your product and other similar products?

4. Target presenter – What will be the way giving the presentation?

It is helpful to write the above information down before building the product presentation so that you can review it if you get stuck on any given point. You will want to refer to it later to make sure the presentation meets the objective and you will also need it for doing practice runs.

It is important to have a target audience and a target objective when building the initial presentation. Failure to do so can result in a presentation that doesn’t speak to the audience and one that is not focused on their needs.

Outline of Making Proper Product Presentation

The following is a basic outline for a product presentation. Since product presentation is not like other presentations, you will note that it should be simple with emphatic product each slide. It is important to keep your presentation focused on products otherwise your point will be drowned out in too many details.

There’re some general outlines of product presentation:

1. Introduction – This is normally just a title slide where the author introduces its brand with logo or something to impress your image;

2. Agenda – An agenda is optional, but provides you with an opportunity to tell your audience what you are going to cover in your show;

3. Retailer Information – This is a way to establish credibility and to make the audience feel comfortable with your company;

4. Product description – Clearly describe your product in terms that your audience will understand. Actual object images may be used in presentation;

5. Clearly articulated benefits as they relate to your target audience, and the words must be simple;

6. Examples/successes – At this point in the presentation your audience will be glad to see some testimonials and recommendations by others;

7. Closing argument – This is your opportunity for a “call to action”. Ask your audience to move up.

Your Approach to Key Improvements

You can think of adding some additions to enhance your presentation, but there’re still some elements which could be improved. Using more examples, simplify your words, applying easy-to-read fonts and choosing suitable theme styles.

As we use PowerPoint as general presentation tool certainly, generating Flash output could be the last stop to complete your masterpiece. And it also improves your presentation more friendly, because of the popularity and compatibility of Flash Player. Choose an awesome presentation tool to help your business, such as Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional at It’s really worthy to evaluate and it will work as the best partner for any business presentations. The PowerPoint to Flash is the most important part besides appealing content, you must make a good choice.

A great product presentation could be the power for your Christmas boom. Use all effective tools and resources as you can to drive up your Christmas business.

Buying Personalised Presents for Christmas

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts, many of us end up spending far too much and getting far too stressed out! In fact, far from being a time of peace and goodwill to all men, Christmas can often mean a time of family arguments and financial worries. Back in July of 2012 Asda published research results that showed 46% of women worried about the cost of Christmas; 93% were already buying presents and a 2011 survey by M&S Money showed that only 4 out f 10 people surveyed made a spending budget with just over half expected to stick to it.

So why all the stress at Christmas? Well for many people it comes down to searching for the right gift and not paying over the odds for it. Let’s face it, many gifts that are churned out over Christmas are tacky and gimmicky and many probably won’t see the light of day after Boxing Day. So is it really worth all that stress for them to end up with a gift that is barely used? Instead, why not get them something that really reflects their characters; which doesn’t cost too much and which will be a treasured gift item for many years to come?

Budget Personalised Christmas Gifts
Some of the most thoughtful gifts are not the expensive electronic gadgets that cost hundreds, or the latest must have accessory or even designer clothing, they are gifts that have been chosen with care, that are unique to the recipient and which are given and received with love.

They say you cannot wrap a memory but we beg to differ. What could contain more memories than a cherished photograph of a first grandchild, a group reunion, a romantic moment or a special holiday? There are many gorgeous personalised photograph frames to suit every occasion and that would turn your cherished photo into a superb and memorable gift.

There are other budget gifts such as keyrings and chocolate bars that make great little stocking fillers! All of the gifts mentioned below are all great value and many can be bought for under a tenner!

Personalised Christmas Gifts for Her
Women love a sentimental gift so why not consider a personalised wine glass that could even include a short and very personal message engraved upon it. If you present this with a bottle of her favourite tipple then you are bound to be in her good books throughout the festive season!

Personalised Christmas Gifts for Him
What could be better than a steaming hot cappuccino served in a photo mug? Yes, you supply the photo and it will be transferred onto a mug along with his name – so whether you want one for a Super Dad or Lifelong Footie Supporter it’s bound to be a sure fire hit with him!

Personalised Children’s Christmas Gifts
Younger children will just love personalised Santa letters that are sent out with a sprinkling of magical fairy dust! Who says Father Christmas is just a myth? Personalised Christmas teddy bears are also a cute and favourite addition to the Christmas stocking!

Older teens will love personalised iPhone cases and funky retro sweet jars with all their favourites plus many more – just make sure mum and dad don’t find them!

Those are just a few of the treats in store for Christmas Day, so don’t get all in a tizz about Christmas shopping, start to order online now and get it all delivered in plenty of time. There’s something to please everyone and all at prices that will make sure you stay well within your budget!