Discover How to Create a Professional Presentation With a Production Company

Every business owner desires to see his business grow. As your company grows, you might abandon some forms of reaching out to your clients and adopt new methods. One of such methods might be creating a DVD or audio visual disc that will act as a salesman for you.

However you might be unsure of the whole process and think that reaching out to your client base with a TV advert or posting a professionally created DVD is a little bit beyond your area of expertise. There is absolutely no need to worry. In this article, I will highlight the various steps in the process of creating an audio-visual presentation for your client base.

From the perspective of the company who will produce this piece for you, this is how the process will pan out.

1. Initial Meeting

After they receive a phone call or email from you, they will arrange a time and place to meet you. At this meeting, they will establish what you want to achieve with the production. They might offer free advice and different ways of making your training video, advert, event etc more catchy, interesting and rewarding. They will also discuss your budget and how best they can use this to achieve a highly quality production. If you agree to use their services, you will be required to either pay a full or partial deposit

2. Research and Scripting

After the initial meeting, they will research your chosen sector and see how best to convey the message you are trying to deliver to either an internal or external audience. They will produce several scripts with storyboards so they can visually show what the final product will look like. Upon completion of this, they will call you to arrange another meeting.

3. Review

At this meeting, they will allow you to review the different scripts they have created. Your input will be encouraged in revising any changes you deem necessary. You will then be informed of when production will commence and when the finished product will be ready.

4. Pre-production

At this stage, they will add any changes from the review stage to the script. They will also assemble a cast and crew for production, visit the various locations for the shoot, ensure there are no health and safety risks etc.

5. Filming

This is where the vision is executed. Everything is filmed to broadcast quality standards with a crew of experienced professionals.

6. Editing

This is where they piece together the different footage shot to make it into a captivating and unique production that will meet your requirements. During editing, they will add animation, titles, graphics, colour correction and voice over if necessary. If necessary, permission will be obtained for any copyrighted music used.

7. Duplication and Packaging

They will make the necessary arrangements for your DVD, Video or CD to be duplicated, converted (if and when necessary) and packaged. They will also undertake the design and printing.

As you can see, creating a professionally produced product for your clients is something you should consider doing if you have the resources. I would like to share more helpful tips with you.

Credit Card Debt Negotiation – Effective Practices

If you are trying to determine if credit card debt negotiation is a workable solution for your credit card woes, do a quick check. Does a large chunk of your monthly take-home pay get funneled towards credit card bills? For that matter, are you falling behind on your credit card repayments? Perhaps your monthly minimum due seems to be growing uncontrollably month-to-month caused by late interest charges and being over the credit limit among others. Have this been going on for more than a year now? Are you desperate to get out of this vicious cycle without regard for possible effects on your credit score? If you answered yes to all if not most of these questions then pursuing credit card debt negotiation may be a real option for you before things get really ugly finance-wise.

Credit card debt negotiation seeks to reduce the total amount payable by a debtor to just a percentage of what is actually owed to the credit card company. This also has the effect of lowering the monthly amount due to a more manageable size. At the same time, interest charges and other fees may be discontinued as part of the terms of the credit card debt negotiation. Some companies offering credit card debt negotiation services may claim they can successfully negotiate to trim down the debt to just 50% of the amount due. On a more realistic scale, 60% to 80% are more common numbers when it comes to favorable settlement.

Just remember that beyond credit card debt negotiation, the only other choice available for a debtor is filing for bankruptcy. Debtors don’t like that option and neither do the credit card companies since it is a much messy course of action than negotiating. There are several, rather notorious card companies who simply just refuse to go into a settlement but in general by employing effective credit card debt negotiation practices, things can turn to a win-win situation for both parties.

Bear in Mind 2 Things When Buying Presents for Mum!

Memorable ideas concerning presents for Mum boils down to what Mum needs, and what Mum wants. Mothers are one of the most influential people in anyone’s life, they struggled and endured to carry us to term, gritted their teeth while we took our time emerging from thy womb, and put up with all our shenanigans while raising us. They gave us the gift of life, so the least we could do is give a present which they can cherish for a good long while.

If you’re struggling to find suitable presents, read on to learn two basic paths you may take to effortlessly make Mum smile during her special day.

What Mum Wants!

Giving presents for Mum which she wants will appeal to her emotions. She may have mentioned in passing about a dress she had her eye on in a shopping mall, or a pair of finely crafted earrings which tickled her fancy. Purchasing something which she craves lets her know how much you pay attention to her. She will appreciate the fact that you didn’t simply snatch something out of the discount bin. You made careful note of what she wanted, then you took the time to go out, search for it, and buy that one specific object.

Your Mum deserves what she wants, for she always did her best to give you what you needed, wanted, or deserved. Splurging will probably be the order of the day, but when you see your mother smile upon opening her gift, it will have all been worth it.

What Mum Needs!

Gifting some presents for Mum which she needs will satisfy her ever-present sense of practicality. Mothers, by nature, sweep aside almost anything which does not meet their requirements for fulfilling life’s needs. They are ingrained with the mindset that basic needs must be met at all costs. You’ve witnessed it all your life, now you can continue the tradition by having her own something new, knowing it will be used on a nearly daily basis. A rechargeable sonic toothbrush comes to mind, to ease the stress of dental visits.

To ensure you give something she requires, maybe you could simply ask Mum what is it which she is in need of. Does she need a new pair of prescription reading glasses? Will she be better off with a simple phone which has an easy to operate numerical keypad? How about a set of woolen shawls to ward off many a cold night?

If you plan carefully, you may be able to combine the best of both worlds, and acquire that seemingly unobtainable combination of both a want and a need. She could be thrilled with new, technologically advanced kitchen appliances (nothing like a home-cooked meal with Mom at the helm, right?), or a gift card to her favorite store (she wants something, and you’ve given her the means to obtain it).

Presents for Mum align either towards what she wants, or what she needs, perhaps a little bit of both should you be fortunate enough to combine the two. Though knowing the adoring nature of such beloved people, you present can be anything, as long as it’s given from the heart.