Communicate Effectively For Negotiation Success

Negotiation is a basic process consisting of communicating back and forth to get what you want from others. Communicating is extremely important in negotiating. It requires you to express ideas clearly and listen intently. We will briefly look at both of these components to effective communication.

Communicate Clearly

The ability to communicate clearly, to express ideas so that the other party can understand, is an essential negotiating skill. Weak communication may sink the negotiating process, so improve your skills, so your negotiations do not falter.

Revealing your position at the earliest opportunity is not what I mean by being clear. It just means you should speak, write, or otherwise communicate so your intended audience understands the message you wish to convey. This sounds simple, but there are a lot of misunderstandings at the negotiating table. The key to clear communication is to think of what you want your listener to do, think, or feel as a result of the communication. Do not think of yourself and what you want to tell the listener. Think of the result you want your communication to achieve and how best to successfully obtain the desired result.

First be clear with yourself regarding what you want. Then present your ideas so the listener can understand. If your listener becomes lost, it is your responsibility to help them get back on track. Do not assume anything. Be sure your points are understood.


The second part of effective communicating is listening. This is one of the most underrated skills in negotiating. Successful negotiators spend more time listening than talking. Donald Trump pointed out in “How to Get Rich,” “If you walk into a negotiation and know nothing about the other party, let them talk, listen to their tone, observe their body language, and determine whether they really want to make a deal or just show you how smart they are.” Listening helps you prepare, and we all know how important preparation is.

Listening is fundamental to negotiations, and not only that, good listening skills will improve your business life as well as your personal life. How many marriage problems have you heard of that started with, “He never listens to me,”? Not listening results in the other party feeling unimportant, and in business this can lead to losing the deal.

Active listening involves all the senses, and is the key to effective listening. You must take in everything the other party is communicating. This means both verbally and non-verbally. If the other person is not communicating clearly, you must assist them in opening up and communicating their ideas so you understand. Restate and paraphrase what you have heard to ensure the message you received is what the other party intended to communicate.

You cannot listen and talk at the same time, or at least not effectively, so know when to be quite and listen. Many deals are lost when someone keeps talking after discussion was necessary or desirable. To be successful, you must be a good listener. Work on this skill and you will open a door to more successful relationships and broader dimensions while negotiating.

Give a Christmas Spa Break Present This Year!

Christmas is the time for giving and everyone has their own ideas of what is the perfect Christmas present, to really get it right you will have to think long and hard about your loved ones interests and lifestyle.

One great idea for a really personalised gift is a spa break; many spas offer gift vouchers so the gift is much more presentable when given. There are many different packages that you can choose from, just remember to choose wisely as it’s not you that’s going to be receiving the gift, well unless you have booked a double spa break package!

Health spa treatments are a wonderful way to relax and enjoy yourself in a luxurious and stress free environment. There are many popular hands-on approaches that will not only relax you but also teach you about your own holistic health awareness. These remedies can often be used to reduce any common stress factors such as headaches and backaches by helping your bodies own natural self healing.

Some of the more traditional spa breaks include Pinpoint Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Chair Massage and Aromatherapy. Depending on your chosen spa and its facilities a typical spa break could include a mixture of all of the above; many spas have all of the facilities of a luxury hotel which include the use of swimming pools, gyms and saunas and with fine dining you can receive a wonderful selection of healthy and delightful meals.

Many of the top spas have a wonderful range of Christmas beauty treatments available to their clients which they incorporate into stunningly themed packages. These really are the most luxurious and invigorating experiences that you can give as a Christmas present to a loved one. An example of what to expect would be arriving in the morning and easing your way into the day with a light breakfast and an introduction to the health spas facilities. You would then choose which treatment to start with such as a visit to the sauna or one of the many types of massage that would be available. For the rest of the day you would have the freedom to either relax in comfortable surroundings or make use of the clubs swimming pool followed by a pedicure or other beauty treatment.

Part 2 180 Degree Shift – Are ZEN Slides Killing Your Sales Presentations?


What do you think of these slides?

A slide with picture of sunset at a beach with various rocks strewn around and the words – ‘It is the right time to launch our new software’?…

  • …or another slide with waves breaking against the shore talking about how unemployment rates are decreasing in the country?
  • Won’t it feel beautiful?
  • Won’t such poetic pictures take you to you a whole new world?
  • Won’t you feel so absorbed by these images that you find it difficult to take your eyes off the slides?

That is exactly my point. Those are the very reasons why these ‘Zen’ slides will kill your marketing presentations.

What is the real issue?

When you project these slides to your customers, what kind of questions can you imagine popping up in their head? Here is my guess:

  • “Is that sunrise or sunset? Those rocks look like bar graph. Wow!”
  • “How are those rocks balancing so well? How are they connected to our software? Is he subtly hinting at modular development of software by using that image?”
  • “Hey! This reminds of my trip to Mauritius. I really loved that vacation. I haven’t called Sandy for a long time. Let me note that in my diary.”

As you can see, none of these questions are going to help them make a meaningful purchase decision. The amusement you see in your audience eyes is not because of the strength of your argument, but because of the beauty of those ‘Zen’ pictures.

Stop killing your chances of winning a deal, by using such pointless but beautiful pictures on your slides.

Instead, create slides that will make your audience ask questions like…

  • “What kind of new opportunities have emerged in the market, to support the product launch?”
  • “How will this software solve the issues which we currently face?”
  • “How does this software compare to the competition? Why should I choose this software over any other?”

These questions when answered will help your customers make a purchase decision.

I am not against using full bleed images in presentation slides. But, you need to be sure that the pictures add clarity to your message – in an obvious way. When your audience has to ‘think’ for two minutes about the second level meaning of the images you use – stop.

When you feel that the images will divert your audience’s attention – save them for your son’s school project.

Remember! In your marketing presentation, YOU are the hero. Your slides are your support. Don’t let your slides dominate YOU for any reason.

Happy selling!