Creative Birthday Presents

Creative birthday presents can be great for your loved ones and friends. These kinds of presents would really tickle the recipients as they appreciate it. However, what ideas are best to produce these kinds of present? Read more of this article and learn.

Birthdays are considered to be the most special occasion in our lives since it marks the milestones of our age. During this time, we always mesmerized the past year that gone through in our life. And as we mesmerized all the events and memories that have happened, it’s quite sweet and overwhelming to receive creative birthday presents. Nowadays, there are so many options that we choose in giving birthday presents to someone. Despite the many options available both from online and local stores, we always want the best, unique and creative birthday presents that we can give. Because in this way, we make the person feel special on his or her special day

Giving personalized and creative birthday presents is a great idea if you want to make the recipient feel extra special. Aside from the personal touch, this idea is very practical as well. Some of the personalized birthday presents that you can give can be luxurious engraved and perfumed soaps, candy bars, wine or beer bottle with the name of the recipient printed on the label, a set of personalized wine mugs or glasses, jewelry, tote bags, ornaments, pottery and many more

Food hampers are also great as creative birthday presents. It can be filled with the favorite food flavors of the recipient. The fillers can be something chocolaty, spicy, savory and piquant. The hampers can also be designed in accordance to the age of the recipient. Aside from food flavors, the hampers can be filled with other kinds of goodies, tiny satin bows, tinsels and other related stuffs that will make it look merrier. If the recipient is your best friend or buddy, you can fill the hamper with some music CDs, scrap books, photographs, videos, favorite books and many more that will bring back your shared moments and memories together as friends. There’s no greater gift in this world like cherished and treasured friendship. On the hamper, you can label it as “love forever hamper”.

Handmade gifts are also great as creative birthday presents since it has that personal touch and labor on it. If you are someone who is very skillful when it comes to craft making then this is the best time to make someone happy with your beautiful and unique craft works. Handmade jewelries would best with the use of various beads and metal or plastic wires, you can create bracelets, brooch, earrings, and necklace from it.

Any versions of miniature of art works are also great for creative birthday presents. Samples of these works may include replicas of statues, monuments, and famous paintings.

Credit Card Debt Negotiation – Effective Practices

If you are trying to determine if credit card debt negotiation is a workable solution for your credit card woes, do a quick check. Does a large chunk of your monthly take-home pay get funneled towards credit card bills? For that matter, are you falling behind on your credit card repayments? Perhaps your monthly minimum due seems to be growing uncontrollably month-to-month caused by late interest charges and being over the credit limit among others. Have this been going on for more than a year now? Are you desperate to get out of this vicious cycle without regard for possible effects on your credit score? If you answered yes to all if not most of these questions then pursuing credit card debt negotiation may be a real option for you before things get really ugly finance-wise.

Credit card debt negotiation seeks to reduce the total amount payable by a debtor to just a percentage of what is actually owed to the credit card company. This also has the effect of lowering the monthly amount due to a more manageable size. At the same time, interest charges and other fees may be discontinued as part of the terms of the credit card debt negotiation. Some companies offering credit card debt negotiation services may claim they can successfully negotiate to trim down the debt to just 50% of the amount due. On a more realistic scale, 60% to 80% are more common numbers when it comes to favorable settlement.

Just remember that beyond credit card debt negotiation, the only other choice available for a debtor is filing for bankruptcy. Debtors don’t like that option and neither do the credit card companies since it is a much messy course of action than negotiating. There are several, rather notorious card companies who simply just refuse to go into a settlement but in general by employing effective credit card debt negotiation practices, things can turn to a win-win situation for both parties.

Presentation Handouts – Three Ways They Can Kill Your Presentation

Every audience expects presentation handouts, and your presentation should include them. But these three common mistakes will make your handouts a liability to your presentation instead of an asset.

1. Handing them out at the wrong time

It’s not always necessary or appropriate to hand out materials at the beginning of your presentation. That’s the usual way it’s done, but it has one major drawback: people will read through the whole set of handouts and you’ll lose their attention as you begin your presentation. It’s very difficult to bring them back, and when they do give you their attention again they probably have some ideas in their heads that you’re not yet ready to present to them. Either way, you’ve lost control.

This is particularly so when the handout is a workbook or even a multi-page document. For example, if you hand out a complete set of financial statements to accountants, they will want to look through them carefully right away. Getting them to focus on what you want to say at any given time is almost impossible.

The solution is to hand out each piece of material at the time you are going to address it in your presentation. Don’t give them the whole financial set; give them the Profit and Loss Statement when you’re going to discuss it, the Balance Sheet when you’re ready for it, and so on with the other pieces. That way, control of the presentation will be in your hands, not those of the audience.

2. Making them simply a copy of your slides

People like to use paper copies of your slides to make their notes, but that carries the same problem as the first mistake. Instead, create your own note pages.

About two-thirds of the page from the left-hand edge of the paper should contain BRIEF statements relating to each topic. They could be extracts from your slides, or summaries of your points. Include as much detail as you think appropriate. Then on the remaining one-third on the right side of the page, leave a column headed “Notes” or “How can I use this?”, depending on the type of presentation.

If you must provide a copy of the slides, do it after your presentation is over.

3. Not having enough information on the handouts

The main purpose of a handout is for future reference, so this is your opportunity to provide as much information as your audience needs or wants, even if you have handed it out one page at a time.

You don’t want them focusing on handouts containing complicated charts, graphs and tables while you are speaking, but such material makes excellent handouts for later study.

Another advantage of detailed handouts is that if someone asks for, say, the complete architectural plans, before you are ready, you can tell them that they will receive the complete set of detailed plans at the end, but for now you’d like to focus on the drawings on the screen. The fact that they know they’ll receive everything at the end gives them the comfort they need to concentrate on your presentation.

Used thoughtlessly or automatically, handouts can kill your presentation; used correctly they can provide another tool to ensure that the audience receives the most value from your presentation.